Some speculators take advantage of the ignorance and helplessness of old people.

What Sjouke did was stupid.

If peace cannot be maintained with honor, it is no longer peace.

Is this tooth sensitive to cold foods?

What I have in my hand is a fossil seashell.

I'd like to ask you some questions about some of the people you've been working for.

How do you usually do this?

I think I've understood everything you said.

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The ship took on additional passengers.

What I like best is going on Ferris wheels.

No two words are identical in meaning.


Why do you want to see me?

They burst out into a storm of abuse.

Vick apparently didn't want to go to Kaj and John's wedding.

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Johnny proposed to Alice and she accepted.

It'll be hard to convince him.

Tell me what's going on.

Carlos criticized Carlos in front of everyone.

You didn't work hard enough.

I consider the Russian ballet the greatest.

What does this have to do with Takeuchi?

I threw the strange package on the table.

Stanley dropped his coffee cup on the kitchen floor.

Please don't cry again.

Ethics means the rules of conduct.

Life is full of disappointments.

I want to stay with you no matter what happens.


Is Valerie still working here?


The wind calmed down.

She said that what they were doing was contrary to the company's sexual harassment policy.

There's a very good chance that Curt will be here tomorrow.

I told you it was time to quit.

What is your favorite action movie?

We weren't expecting that he would call to see us.

It was a bad situation.

I don't remember anything about them.

I think you should tell George where you are.

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How long have you known her for?


I don't play any instrument.

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The syntax of Python scripts is very simple.

What do you mean by it?

Why did you fail the entrance examination?

His remarks added up to a condemnation of my plan.

Do you think Dalton wants to eat now?


It's a fact you can't deny.

"Masanobu, hurry up." "I'm coming!"

The ducks quacked.

They say that Cathryn came to Brazil.

I'm glad to know that.

I wish I could think of a good answer.

I just want to get something to eat.

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My leg is still hurting.


We met by chance at the supermarket.

His English will improve in the course of time.

She did not so much as look at me.

I hope you were able to get more sleep than I did.

She is much younger than Shamim.

Mr. Meier thought the Neumann family was away on vacation.

He didn't like city life.

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Call Allan.

Neville is trying to make up for lost time.

Achille was born in 1908 in Paris.

You recognize him, don't you?

I wonder if Novorolsky Jackson is his real name.


The conference wraps up tomorrow.

I felt as happy as if I were still dreaming.

Sangho started packing.


I don't know French that well.


Almost a third of the gunshot victims were teenagers.


I have a badge.


To whom did you give it?

That's not what it means.

The atmosphere in the room was hot and smoky.

Please take us there.

He looked back at us many times and walked away.

Phill looked in the mirror.

Mother is making tea for us.

The days have gotten shorter and shorter.

How long have you been learning French?

I told them it was urgent.

His parents loved me.


I did try to warn Masanobu.

They made a breach in the wall.

Gale is as tall as Jack.

Sanjay tried to put on a happy face.

I have a client waiting in the waiting room.

You can see them in the morning.

My father is now at work at the hospital.

I'd really like to go.

I'm in finance.


He's addicted to heroin.

They lived high on the hog for so long, and now they can't adjust to a simple life without luxuries.

She should follow the advice of her mother.

He was put through university with money left by his uncle.

Todd was brutally murdered.

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It scares me that we have frequently had earthquakes lately.


Why do you want the world to know about Japanese gardens?

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Everybody knows them.

What you want doesn't really matter.

Nor are there any woods on the moon.


Is it possible to drink salt water?


Revised didn't go far.


There is a church near my house.

It may not appeal to some, but I prefer to remain a salaried man; I don't have to worry so much about making both ends meet.

Francisco has a large closet in his bedroom.

I could write even poetry in Arabic.

The students laughed under their breath when they saw that the teacher had put on his sweater backwards.

They also promised religious freedom.

They were afraid.

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This company manufactures televisions.

I must report this to them.

Have you tried it yet?

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I do not think he will ever get over the loss of his wife.

We're not far from Werner's.

He's adorable.

He is always giving people a lot of trouble.

That doesn't sound familiar.

Is that the truth, Matthias?

I'll write Mat a letter.

Did you break the window on purpose or by accident?

You shouldn't act selfishly.

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Toerless took Neal's hand and squeezed it.

We're frightened.

The traffic jam lasted one hour.

This summer is chilly.

We've bought our tickets already.

Today is the hottest day this year.

I think we should do more than that.

There are subtle differences between the two pictures.

I'll always need you.

I thought I had it all figured out.

Nobody is in the classroom now.


I translated the poem the best I could.

How can we put up with that?

Have you made any progress?


Ten years have gone by since her death.

I saw Claudia go into the store across the street.

Kids and fools always tell the truth.

If you count the baby, then there are four of us.

Don't you get bored at scouts?


My eyesight is beginning to fail.

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Marlena didn't read the fine print on his insurance policy, and was shocked to find that his claim wasn't covered.

He fed the horse.

We had fun.

He grew potatoes in his garden.

Nick is a very intelligent guy.

He stole into the house and immediately went to bed without being noticed by anyone.

That's interesting.

Val is sometimes a little pushy.

What's your wife's maiden name?

He is neglecting his research these days.

He may have absented himself from school the day before yesterday.

I'm still very active.

Give me a second.

I need to feed him.

We have been here for three days.

I don't have a whole lot of time.

Elliot tried to squeeze into the jeans he had worn when he was a teenager.


The barns are full of grain.

Tell Deborah what you want.

He was a scaremonger, always trying to make people worry.

He's looking for someone to serve him.

He's not the kind of person who finds fault with others.


It will soon be breakfast time.

Thank you for understanding.

Are they friends of yours?